• Hello Survivors,

    Das warten hat ein Ende. Hier der Bericht zum Launch. Das Spiel wird voraussichtlich um 19 Uhr heute auf Steam zum Download zur Verfügung stehen. Wir sind gespannt :) Ihr auch?

    Day ZERO! Release Status Update!
    Hello Survivors!
    Thank you to everyone who tuned in and participated during the first reveal of ARK: Survival Evolved! We had quite a large number of you guys show up on Twitch, holding the number spot for a moment, with loads of tweets and messages being sent from all over and across multiple social media platforms. We appreciate all the feedback and messages we’ve received.
    What happens now?
    We will begin Early Access tomorrow as normal on June the 2nd, hopefully you guys will be able to pick up a copy at around 10AM PST, possibly a little later. As we get closer to hour-zero we’ll be sure to let everyone know „smile“-Emoticon.
    From all the feedback we received during the Closed Alpha Test, as well as the live broadcasting that happened today, here’s our response:
    Bugs and General Polishing
    There were clearly a few hiccups when the initial stream began and there is a fair bit of polishing to do, we recognize this and we can assure you that this game will be polished quicker and development will be iterated on quicker than just about anyone has ever seen before. You will see fixes deployed quickly, discussion occurring constantly and constant flow of updates to improve the game. We’re serious about the game, we’re serious about development and we want to prove that to you.
    What you guys saw on all those stream, well that probably only comprises 1% of the actual gameplay that is currently involved in ARK: Survival Evolved. Even in this first Early Access build, it can take hundreds of hours to explore the mechanics and depth of content, burrowing deep into the foundations of the ARK and up above the clouds -- trust me, I've done that! „tongue“-Emoticon And that is just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve only just started with you! Once more intrepid survivors dig into the meat of the game, this will become very apparent. Finally we’ll keep on adding to and improving the game, so that there's always something exciting for you to explore and conquer! We hope you will all join us on the ARK tomorrow, and take this journey with us!
    Performance and Graphics
    A very clear issue that has been brought up is that performance isn’t great, graphics don’t look great on low and optimization isn’t great. We know this, we won’t lie. What I can say is that this is going to be a priority for us for the coming weeks and of course throughout the project. We will continue to work on all of these aspects and you will see steady improvement. Performance will get better day by day, graphics across the spectrum will improve! The trailer was recorded a while back on a GTX 980, right now the game on maximum settings looks better than that! So if you’ve got a 980 or Titan you can definitely take advantage of it. There are new visual techniques that are now in the game that weren’t around when we made the trailer. Yes it is true that if you have a less powerful graphics card, you’ll find that your graphics aren’t as good but we will continue to scale up and do daily optimizations to ensure that the game look as good as it can!
    Steam Discussion Boards
    A lot of people have raised concerns about the state of the discussion boards, whether developers will continue to be active, how we can keep the forums clutter free and what our general plans are. Once the game launches into Early Access, we will begin re-ordering the Steam boards
    The discussion boards will be arranged as follows:
    This is the section of the boards are purely for announcements, here you’ll see new updates about new builds, massive features, sponsorship and partnerships, any announcements regarding attendance of conventions, dino dossiers, updates about anything that's majorly important, really.
    General Discussion
    This forum will generally stay how it is now, there will be fairly lax moderation however general steam guidelines apply, and pinned topics highlighting important updates and announcements as well as general chit-chat for the game. The way it’ll change is that it will no longer be for suggestions and feedback, but instead the new sections below will be used for that.
    Suggestions and Feedback
    This will be a moderated section for survivors to provide their feedback about the game. We would like to keep it constructive and generally avoid any trolly-posts. You’ll see a lot of activity here from the developers and we’ll lock and clean up threads as necessary. This will help us keep things cleaned and organized.
    Bug Reports and Exploits
    Similarly to above this will be a moderated section for survivors to post any bugs they’ve found in the game, loopholes, exploits so the team can discover them and work to fix them in a timely and organized manner.
    You won’t see much change to what there is now. A place to recruit for your tribe, or find a tribe to join. There will be fairly lax moderation, however general steam guidelines apply.
    Community Content
    Similarly to above, you won’t see much change. It will be a place for you to promote your content, your non-tribal groups, share any stories or fan-art related to ARK and it’s universe. The moderation will be lax but steam guidelines still apply.
    Off Topic
    Pretty self explanatory, lax moderation though you’ll be required to respect the steam guidelines.
    Hopefully these changes will help us organize better and allow for much more constructive discussion in order to improve the game. We aren’t very strict, we won’t ban you unless you’ve really crossed a line. We just want to maintain some order to ensure that everything is going smooth.
    A little bonus for you guys! We’re excited to announce that….
    A new Dino Dossier is posted, this one is everybody’s favorite apex predator, the Tyrannosaurus Rex!…
    Have fun dealing with this guy in game „wink“-Emoticon
    Closing thoughts
    That’s it for now guys, there’s clearly a lot of work to be done to hit the finish line in 2016 but we can assure you, we’ll hit it. The game will reach new heights, have hundreds of hours of content and hopefully we’ll be seeing all of you join us on the ARK, exploring every nook and cranny of this gigantic universe that we’re building, helping us refine it into the ultimate survival experience that in many ways it already is, and certainly will be!
    All the best,
    Your Community Manager Jat and the ARK: Survival Evolved Team.

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